Miracles and Experiences

The temple trust would like to mention few of the miracles / experiences of the devotees who prayed Lord Shiva sincerely and offered contribution to the construction of this temple.

  1. Temple could get water in the bore well on hard rock at just 35 ft of drilling at the temple premise. 
  2. A person was ailing from acute kidney problem and doctors confirmed that the patient will survive only for few hours. But Lord Shiva’s grace is fully recovered and doing his normal duties.
  3. A thief snatched the Mangal Sutra of a lady while she was going to the temple.The value of it was more than INR 50000/-.The lady prayed Lord Shiva and she got back the Mangal Sutra intact with in four days.
  4. Many educated devotees have lost their jobs in recent times but all of them got decent jobs after visitng this Shiva temple.